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Rebecca Langason & Theo Langason

My son Theo wrote this Facebook post on the day that Prince died.  

By Theo Langason 4.21.16. Today was hard.  So many feelings.  So many thoughts.  As I process this loss, I am constantly comforted, affirmed, and empowered.  Prince Rogers Nelson was a black man who played black music.  Undeniably himself, unapologetically black.  The presence of his music and his soul in my life have influenced me in ways I could not fully grasp until now.When I saw Prince I was peering into another world of possibilities for a black boy, like me.

Rebecca Langason & Theo Langason

 Prince let me know it was ok to be a weirdo.  Prince encouraged me to find my voice and sing it loud.  Prince taught me that home is most important.  He helped me when I felt self conscious about being 'man enough.' Most importantly, Prince gave me a direct view into my own mother's heart and soul.  

She raised me on Prince, because Prince spoke to her the way few could.So as I weep writing this, I weep tears of the sincerest gratitude.  

Thank you Prince, for teaching me how to speak the language of my mother's soul.  

Thank you Prince, for teaching to love myself.  

Thank you Prince, for the music.

Becky Langason is a wife, mother and Prince lover.  She resides in Northeast Minneapolis and works from home as a Certified Medical Coder.  Her love of Prince began when she first heard ‘For You’ in 1982 at the age of 16.  She has seen him perform 5 times, most recently attending Prince’s Piano and a Microphone tour at Paisley Park on January 21, 2016.  She ran into him once on an escalator in City Center (he was coming down and she was going up) when he was there filming Purple Rain.  He smiled and said ‘Hi’.  This remains one of the highlights of her life!

Born and raised in Northeast Minneapolis, Theo Langason is a graduate of Rutgers University where he studied Theatre Arts. Since moving back to Minneapolis, Theo has worked with Park Square Theatre, Frank Theatre, Theatre Pro Rata, The Mysterium, Red Eye Theatre, Ten Thousand Things Theater Company and The Winding Sheet Outfit. Theo is also a member of Blackout Improv group.

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