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The People’s Museum for Prince is a nomadic experimental museum, inspired by the deep, sustained public mourning for Prince, and created to honor his transformational impact and influence on many lives across the world over the past four decades. Collecting stories, artwork and other personal and biographical artifacts, the museum presents a new kind of portrait of the artist via the hearts and minds of his audience. The museum also conducts and presents historical and artistic research on Prince’s life and work, as part of its educational mission to deepen public understanding of Prince’s legacy and his unique boundary-crossing contributions to the arts.

The People’s Museum for Prince is not (yet) a physical museum.  Currently it manifests as temporary exhibitions, in Minneapolis and soon in other Prince cities. Ideally, it may find a permanent home in Minneapolis where it can house and exhibit a permanent archive of of Prince stories, art and artifacts, host ongoing independent and creative research, and, as a place of community welcome, serve as an active resource for Prince visitors and researchers from all over the world. 

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