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Bobby Huntley II

That fateful last concert in Atlanta would have been my first Prince concert. I became a true fan officially sometime between Musicology and 3121 while in high school. Prior to that time, Prince would tour Atlanta practically every year. Since then, he's only come back a couple of times, and when he did April, 2016, I couldn’t afford a ticket. Instead, my plan was to stand outside of the theatre and soak up as much of the energy as I could - but I didn't make it down there that night. I thought my opportunity would come back around.

Sometimes It Snows In April, Documentary Short Film, 2017

Knowing what we know now, I wanted to use my skills in filmmaking to create something for Prince, since he's inspired so much of my work. Documentaries aren't really my focus as a director, but I felt getting some fans together to discuss their stories and feelings would be therapeutic for all of us - which definitely turned out to be true. This film is in dedication to Prince, his music, his memory, and the people that loved him. I'm so thankful for all he's done and all of the amazing music he's left behind.

Bobby Huntley II is a director, producer, writer and editor from Atlanta who began his journey as a filmmaker at the age of ten. His intense passion for the arts and creativity has captured audiences with each new project. Along with many of the greats before him, Bobby thinks of Prince as a creative compass. He considers Prince's work ethic and aesthetic in much of his own creative decision-making and execution. Music is a major component of his filmmaking style, so he cannot help but to be inspired by the awesomeness that is Prince.

Bobby Huntley, Director

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