The first exhibition of the Museum was held in Minneapolis in May 18-24 2018 at Solar Arts Building, Minneapolis.  It was held during the busy Art-A-Whirl weekend, attracting around 1000 visitors, and began with a Purple Preview with special guest Prince DJ Michael Holtz. The closing night community roundtable gathered 30 people to discuss the future possibilities for the museum.

Local radio station The Current sent a photographer to capture images from the Purple Preview night. 

The exhibition featured stories, art and personal objects from Prince lovers from Minneapolis and throughout the US, as well as contributions from the UK, Australia, Switzerland, Canada and Germany.  


The exhibition featured a bricolage of items, including handstiched tribute quilts, paintings, prints, illustrations, photos, video, books, an original song with the sheet music, scrapbooks, a cat suit an Australian fan wore dancing on the stage with Prince, the Le Petit Prince project and one giant papier-mache ancestor puppet originally made for the Minneapolis May Day Parade 2016.  Each work was accompanied by a personal Prince story. 


The exhibition also featured selections from two private Prince collections, one archival and one of memorabilia, together with the personal Prince stories of the collectors.  The Minneapolis 2018 exhibition also showed the first stage of a research project Houses of Prince by curator Emma Balázs and Kristin Zschomler, a result of extensive research into the houses Prince lived in through his life. a

The concept for the museum is that through gathering these many different, personal and highly subjective stories and creative works, together we can create a people's portrait of Prince and reflect on the power of one artist to impact so many people around the world.

See below for a selection of installation images. 

See the People, Art & Stories section for more images and personal stories that were featured in the first exhibition.


A call for contributions to the next exhibition will be issued as soon as the next venue is confirmed.