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Dana Lemoine

The Purple One, Intaglio, 2018

Delirious, Woodcut, 2016

I came to love Prince late in the game. I grew up on classic rock, and my parents didn't like Prince's music (insert gasp)! Because of this, I never heard Prince while growing up, or really much funk at all. We didn't listen to the radio, so it was years before I even heard Prince's huge hits, which didn't catch my attention right away. It wasn't until I moved to Minnesota that I learned more about Prince's life and legacy and fell completely in love.

Museum visitor reads Dana Lemoine's story with artworks The Purple One, Intaglio, 2018, and Delirious, Woodcut, 2016

Dana Lemoine, Delirious, Woodcut, 2016

It began with Purple Rain, as it does with many people. I listened to the album and saw the movie and I was pulled in. I had to see all his movies and listen to more, more, more! My collection quickly grew with his earlier music, which was easy to come by at first, but then slowly got much more difficult. I continue to look today, and still regret passing on a copy of Crystal Ball I had recently spotted at Cheapo.

One of my favorite finds has been Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic in the used section at The Electric Fetus. I was just browsing one day and there it was. It was priced at $30, which I thought was reasonable since it is also a tougher find – but I had it in my hands! I grabbed it and put it with my other finds. When I went up to purchase it, the guy behind the counter was like, "Did you see the price on this one?" I was all, "Heck yes!! Did you see what album it is??" We were not in the same place.

Although I never had the honor of seeing Prince live, I did get to go to the first weekend Paisley Park was open after he passed, as well as the Celebration that same year. Both of these events were extremely strange for me, being both excited to be in the same space as this artist who I have come to admire and love so deeply, and yet so crushed that I knew he was no longer there. That first weekend Paisley Park was open, there was very little organization by the staff. It was actually wonderful since there was a lot of freedom to take your time with each space and really feel your feelings. There certainly were a lot of feelings going around and a community was formed very quickly, even with the staff who were supposed to be making sure everyone got through the exhibitions "on time." The Celebration event was similar in a lot of ways, and there were some great surprises, such as a performance by George Clinton!

I feel like I still have so much to learn about this amazing artist and I am so excited to continue to discover.

Dana Lemoine at Paisley Park

Dana Lemoine is from Appleton, WI and lives in Minneapolis. She is a printmaker/artist bookmaker, currently working at Mineapolis College of Art and Design. She is inspired by music of all kinds. She grew up on classic rock, folk, jazz and blues and is now moving heavily into R&B, funk, soul and electronic. In her free time, you will find her in the studio, record store, or on the dance floor.

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