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Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Dear Prince,

Last night I saw purple wildflowers dancing on the side of the road. Seven minutes later I saw a man in a purple vest, hat, and scarf selling purple eggplant and cabbages at a farmer's market. He said to me “I love you and I don't even know your name. I am guessing that was you, my love coming to me in a dream again to let me know that you are still there.

If purple is indeed God's way of showing out of reminding us of our own potential to be extraordinary, that explains why you loved purple and why Purple loved you back.

You are my purple star in the night sky. You are the lavender lemonade that quenches my thirst at the all purple flower family reunion. You are the purple clouds in the summer rainstorm and the purple desert sand bringing me amethyst love after a lilac-colored drought.

Nothing compares to you, my purple love. You make me see the purple in every place I go.


Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Hawona Sullivan Janzen is a Twin Cities-based multidisciplinary artist who has loved Prince and his music since the first time she heard him sing. Hawona has written 7 poems about a puppet show about Prince. She has also hosted several Prince-themed gallery shows, poetry readings, and events in the UROC Gallery where she works, including "Prince Day at UROC," a daylong artist-led event celebrating Prince's life in 2018.

Installation view, Hawona Sullivan Janzen

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