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Kristin Zschomler and Emma Balázs

Kristen Zschomler (text) and Emma Balázs (images)

Kristen Zschomler is a local professional historian who researches, writes and presents on places associated with Prince, and is trying to get several recognized as historic properties. For the past two years, she has been researching, fact-checking and clarifying Prince’s journey from Minneapolis’ Northside to Paisley Park, and has written up the results of her effort in an in-depth historical context with an accompanying list of properties associated with the artist. It has been a fascinating and revealing excavation that often challenges long-held narratives and perceptions about Prince. As a lifelong fan, this work has offered her a way to process her grief over Prince's death. She has also found healing through the love she has received from the hundreds of people she has lead on tours to these important locations. 

Kristen (right) at Purple Rain house with Prince fans.

Emma Balázs (images)

I took these images and many more on my multiple pilgrimages to Minneapolis after Prince left us. My grieving for Prince took form as a quest to walk through his life, to visit the places he inhabited. During my visits from New York City, I would research every possible site related to Prince and make my way there, usually by bus and a lot of walking. It was hot, sweaty August, golden October, freezing, numb January and bleak April. I still can’t really connect these spaces with Prince, I still can’t imagine him here. He may have been my secret soul friend since I was 12, but I missed his whole life on earth.

Emma Balázs at opening of Weisman Museum Exhibition "Prince from Minneapolis", December 2017.

Emma Balázs is the curator of The People’s Museum for Prince.

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