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There's a door that you can walk through, where there used to be a wall
                                                                                                                                       -Prince, Breakdown, 2014    

Inspired by the public outpouring of deeply personal tributes following Prince's death, the museum collects and presents stories, biographical objects and artworks from people all around the world whose lives have been deeply touched by the artist. 

The museum is envisaged as a space to bear witness to the diverse and profound ways artists can shape and even transform our lives.

The concept for the museum is that through gathering these many different, personal and highly subjective stories and creative works, together we can create a people's portrait of Prince and reflect on the power of one artist to impact so many people around the world.

The first exhibition was held in Minneapolis in 2018. The next manifestation of the museum will be posted as soon as confirmed, and a call for submissions will then be shared with the Prince community worldwide.  If you live in a Prince city and would like to host or see a People's Museum for Prince exhibition come to your city, please be in contact!

The People’s Museum for Prince is a curatorial project organized by Emma Balázs, designed to commemorate the ways Prince shaped and transformed personal lives. 

Stories of Love, Mourning and Transformation